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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Waikato Police apologise for the poor investigation of a fraud allegation and re-opens it

14 May 2021

A person complained to the Authority about the lack of appropriate investigation and communication by Police over an online shopping fraud allegation. Despite waiting eight months, the file was not progressed. After calling Police for an update, the complainant was assured the matter would be dealt with. Four months later, the complainant was advised the file had been closed as the time period to lay the type of charge Police had been considering had run out. The investigating officer was unaware of an alternative charge which could still be laid, until this was pointed out by the complainant.

Once approached by the Authority, Police re-opened the investigation. They also apologised to the complainant for failing to investigate the matter in a timely manner and for not considering the alternative charge. Police also retrained the original investigating officer.

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