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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Bay of Plenty Police apologises after they met with a family late at night to prepare a reparation schedule

30 November 2020

After a family had been burgled and their car stolen, Police arrested and prosecuted the offender. The day before the sentencing hearing, the Police Prosecutor noticed the reparation schedule, which is needed for the court to consider any reparation which might be given to a victim, had been misplaced.

The prosecutor asked the officer in charge of the case to visit the family and get a new reparation schedule. As the officer was on a night shift, the only available time he had to do this was very late at night. The family complained that police visiting them so late at night scared and upset them, considering their recent burglary. Police made immediate contact with the complainant and apologised and explained their actions. Police have learnt from this incident and will implement alternative ways of achieving urgent tasks without disturbing families at unreasonable hours.

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