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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Officer in the Central District convicted in May 2019 of predatory sexual offences

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into three complaints of inappropriate behaviour by an officer towards women including sexual offending.

  1. It was alleged the officer had contacted a woman and gone to her home on numerous occasions and on some of those, engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse and sexual acts with her. At one point he had offered to assist her in a personal matter if she had sexual intercourse with him.
  2. It was alleged the officer had made unnecessary and unwanted visits to another woman's home and on one occasion, had hugged and kissed her.
  3. It was also alleged the officer had crossed professional boundaries by visiting a woman's home unannounced, mostly at night and making suggestive comments. On one occasion he hugged and kissed her.

The investigation identified other potential victims and the officer was charged with several sexual offences and also several offences of accessing the National Police Database for a dishonest purpose. The officer resigned during the investigation so there was no employment investigation but he was convicted of some of the charges and ordered to pay compensation to his victims.

The Authority agreed with the outcome of the Police criminal investigation.

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