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Inappropriate personal relationship and allowing access to a police computer

16 October 2019

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a conflict of interest, after a constable started a relationship with a woman he met at a family harm incident in Counties Manukau District. It was also alleged that the constable shared information about the family harm incident with the woman, which she was not entitled to have. During the investigation, Police discovered the constable's wife may have accessed information on his police mobility device.

Police established that the constable did not pass on information about the family harm incident to the woman. However, the employment investigation concluded that the constable breached Police policy by failing to declare a conflict of interest, when he pursued a relationship with the woman. Police also found that the constable breached its information security policy, by allowing his wife access to his police mobility device. The constable was appropriately sanctioned for his actions.

The Authority's final review of the Police investigation agreed with the findings and the outcome.

IPCA: 18-0800

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