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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Police Northern Communications Centre fails to act on concerns for a missing person

21 May 2019

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation after being notified that a man who had been reported missing had committed suicide before Police attended. The family of the man subsequently made a complaint to the Authority. Just after midnight the family called 111 to report their concerns for the man’s mental well-being after he left the home and they could not find him. The man returned home whilst Police were on the phone gaining additional details. A short time later the man again left and the family updated Police through the Northern Communications Centre. During the night further calls were made seeking updates on what Police were doing and to pass on concerns that he may have been suicidal. Local Police were assigned to the call just after 7am.

The Police carried out an employment investigation which found that Northern Communications staff overlooked or misinterpreted key pieces of information that should have prompted further action by Police. It also found that standard operating procedures were not followed. The Authority agrees with the findings of the Police investigation.







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