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Police use vehicle block to stop fleeing driver

23 December 2019

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a pursuit in Christchurch on 31 July 2018.

Officers were responding to a reported burglary when they saw a car driving from the address at speed. The car failed to stop for Police and a pursuit was initiated. Police abandoned the pursuit on two occasions after the offender drove the wrong way along a one-way road. Police then used road spikes to successfully deflate the tyres on the fleeing driver's vehicle, and officers carried out a non-compliant vehicle stop.

Police found the officers were justified in commencing the pursuit. However, the investigation found an officer breached policy by following the fleeing driver along a one-way road in the wrong direction after the pursuit had been abandoned. The investigation also found that officers breached policy when they carried out the non-complaint vehicle stop. The officers involved were required to complete training.

The Authority agreed with the Police findings and outcome.

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