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Excessive use of force and failure to complete relevant documents in November 2017

A man complained that Police in Waikato used excessive force when they arrested him for obstructing them in the course of their duty.

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into the complaint.

The man was detained at the Police station while waiting to undergo an evidential breath alcohol test. He was then arrested for obstructing officers, who were processing another person for suspected drink driving.

The man complained that an officer took him to the ground unnecessarily and then kneeled on his back while he was lying face down on the ground.

The Police investigation concluded that the man was resisting arrest and the force used was justified, given the circumstances. In addition, it found that the officer failed to properly process the infringement notice, which meant no action was taken against the man and furthermore, that the officer failed to complete the appropriate form detailing the force used during the man's arrest. These failures were addressed as an employment matter between the Police and the officer and action was taken in that context.

The Authority agreed with the outcomes of the Police investigation.

IPCA: 17-2591

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