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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Blurring professional boundaries

In December 2016, Police advised the Authority they were investigating a senior constable in relation to allegations that she:

• broke into her ex-partner's property and damaged his furniture;

• slashed the tyres of two vehicles (belonging to her ex-partner and his new girlfriend);

• unlawfully entered the property of an associate of her son, taking property which the senior constable believed belonged to her; and

• used the Police database inappropriately by looking up information relating to her son, her ex-partner, and her ex-partner's daughter and new girlfriend.

Police carried out a criminal investigation followed by an employment investigation. The Authority reviewed these investigations.

The criminal investigation determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the senior constable.

The employment investigation resulted in the Police database allegations being upheld, apart from the one relating to her ex-partner's daughter. The employment investigation also found that the senior constable breached the Police Code of Conduct by entering the property of her son's associate without permission.

The senior constable resigned following the completion of the employment investigation.

After seeking additional information from the Police, the Authority was satisfied that Police conducted sufficient criminal and employment investigations, and agreed with the outcomes.

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