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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Off-duty officer used force to defend herself

On the afternoon of 5 June 2018, a Police officer held a social gathering at his home for his colleagues. A married male officer and a single female officer, who were in a relationship, attended the event. Later in the afternoon, the male officer's wife (who was aware of the affair and had since separated from her husband) arrived unexpectedly.

The wife saw her husband sitting on the floor with the female officer standing beside him using his phone. The wife approached the female officer and attempted to snatch the cell phone from her but the female officer refused to give it to her.

The wife grabbed hold of the female officer's arms and pushed her backwards in an attempt to take the phone. The female officer stumbled backwards into a wall and punched the wife in the face, causing the wife to fall backwards on to the floor.

The two women were separated by the off-duty officers and escorted to different areas of the house. While the wife was in the bathroom having a minor injury tended to, the female officer left the address.

The incident was later reported to Police, who conducted an investigation. The female officer said that she had punched the wife in self-defence as she felt threatened when the wife approached her aggressively. The wife did not wish to make a complaint against the female officer.

The Police investigation determined that the female officer was acting in self-defence and no further action was taken.

The Authority agreed with the Police investigation outcomes.

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