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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Alleged use of force against young person

On Sunday 8 October 2017 around 1am Police received several calls relating to disorder incidents on Roscommon Road in Manurewa. At least fifteen officers went to Roscommon Road to assist. A party was dispersed and Police formed a line to move people away from the house. Police pushed some people away as they tried to return to the house.

A 17 year old went with her mother to the Police station the following day and complained that she had been punched by a Police officer and suffered facial injuries. She had not yet seen a doctor so Police advised her to get medical attention and then return to give a statement.

When she did not return, Police followed up with her and her mother, and she provided a statement to Police. The Police advised the Authority of this.

Police conducted an investigation, which was reviewed by the Authority at its conclusion.

During their investigation Police spoke with a number of people, both Police and civilians, who had been on Roscommon Road that night. They also viewed cell phone footage which had been captured. This did not show the girl being injured.

Witness accounts of the incident varied and it was not possible to identify the officer who allegedly used force against the girl. Although some officers said they had pushed people back to move them away from the party, no one said they caused the injuries or saw the girl receiving the injuries.

On the available evidence, it was not possible to confirm how the girl received her injuries, let alone who inflicted them. Accordingly, there was insufficient evidence for any criminal charges to be laid or an employment investigation to take place. Police spoke with the girl and her mother and explained this to them.

The Authority agreed with the Police investigation outcome.

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