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The Authority considers complaints alleging misconduct or neglect of duty by the Police, or about Police practices, policies, and procedures affecting the complainant.

The Authority also considers incidents of death and serious injury involving the Police. The Police have to tell the Authority about these incidents, and the Authority considers them even if it does not receive a complaint.

Anyone can make a complaint, including a company or ‘body of people’.

Before you complain

  • Many complaints can be resolved quickly and effectively by going directly to the Police. You may therefore wish to complain directly to the Police. More >>
  • Find out more about what you can - and cannot - complain about. More >>
  • Get help with complaints. More >>

How to complain

You can make a complaint to the Authority online, in writing, by email or phone.

To make a complaint online, use our online complaints form. You can also download a complaints form to fill out and send in.

Other ways to complain to the Authority include:

  • Phoning our Complaints Management Team on 0800 503 728 to make an oral complaint
  • Emailing on
  • Writing a letter to the Independent Police Conduct Authority, PO Box 5025, Wellington 6145
  • Visiting a police station or a district court and asking to make a complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority (it may be worth trying to resolve your complaint directly with the Police, but you are entitled to make a  complaint to us if you wish to)
  • Making a complaint to an Ombudsman.
Information to include in your complaint

When you make a complaint, you’ll need to provide:

  • your name and contact details
  • details of the incident you want to complain of, including when it happened, what happened, and who was involved.

It is also helpful to provide:

  • the name or any other identifying details of the officer you want to complain about and any other relevant person (such as witnesses)
  • any relevant evidence such as photographs or doctors’ reports.







Make a complaint

To the Authority

Complain online

Download a complaint form (PDF, 207KB)

Contact the Authority

Directly to the Police

Find your nearest station


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