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Reports on investigations 2008


Police response to a party at Edgeware Road, Christchurch

18/12/08 – Police were not responsible for the deaths of two young women at a party in Edgeware Road, Christchurch in 2007. Full report (PDF, 694kb) Media release

Complaint by Bruce Van Essen

21/9/08 – The Authority recommends that Police tighten policies on conduct of searches and conflicts of interest. Full report (PDF, 772kb) Media release

Traffic incident involving Howard Broad

5/7/08 – The Authority has found no evidence to support an allegation that Police Commissioner Howard Broad pulled rank and refused a breath test at a traffic stop in 1992. Full report (PDF, 465kb) Media release

Fatal pursuit of Lance Duff and two others

23/6/08 – A fatal pursuit in Auckland in 2006 briefly reached speeds that were not justified. However, Police were not responsible for the deaths involved. Full report (PDF, 520kb) Media release

The shooting of Graeme Burton

25/2/08  The Authority has praised the courage of the police officers who shot and arrested murderer Graeme Burton early last year, but criticised other aspects of police handling of Burton’s case. Full report (PDF, 1.26MB) Media release





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